Top Factors On Which 3D Exterior Rendering Cost Depends

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There are several factors that are detrimental when it comes to calculating the cost of 3D exterior rendering. Here take a look.

3D exterior rendering services nowadays have come out of the way to become a smart marketing tool, typically in case of real estate marketing. It offers a nearly accurate representation of what the project would look like after completion. Some of the critical benefits of employing 3D exterior rendering services include:

  • A realistic depiction of the design to the client.
  • A better understanding of the undertaken project.
  • Being a powerful tool, it ensures that the vision of the designer is conveyed effectively to the client.

Factors Affecting The Cost:

  • Technical nuances
  • Non-technical nuances
  • Deliverable Timelines


  1. Aesthetic Styling

As we know, 3D architectural rendering services involve an accurate representation of the design modeled for the project. It leads us to the fact that the style and detailing of the rendering must be nothing but an exact portrayal. However, this detailing could be affected by several factors such as the charges levied, time constraints and even the budget.

  • Size and Scale of the Project

While dealing with 3D exterior rendering professional, the size and scale too are listed as some of the essential elements. Each project will be unique in terms of its requirements and considerations. However,  note that time is a significant aspect of this situation since that too varies for different projects.

  • Background of the Rendering

Higher the efforts that are incorporated into the background, the higher will be the cost added. A complimentary backdrop is what gives life to the rendering built. In general, we have three such types of environment :

  • Photo
  • GhostBuildings
  • Photo Real Environment Rendering
  • Effective Perspectives

The perspective or the angle with which the model is rendered also plays a vital role. For any successful and effective representation of a project, it’s ideal for capturing a superior perspective and creating operative frames.

  • Post Production

The post-production process involves things such as finishing touches, minuteness, inspecting finer details, and lot more to make the rendering look all the more realistic. Detailing as these vary with different projects, however, it does have a significant effect on the coat factor.


  1. Labor And Skill

The skills and labor requirements too, greatly contribute to the overall project cost. However, one can also look at it as a win-win situation since a skilled professional will be able to deliver the best work at a faster rate.

  • Software and Technical Infrastructure

Technical infrastructure, such as software support, also adds up a significant amount of cost. Coming up with 3D exterior rendering services involves some pre-requisites such as software/ plugins, render farms, or even Mainframe PCs.

Why Consider Outsourcing?

Like an architect is specialized in designing, 3D rendering services too have artists in this field. Also, the technical expertise that is involved while coming up with useful renderings indicates the significance of considering outsourcing for your 3D rendering services. Greenlawn 3d is the best architectural rendering service provider at an affordable price. Contact them today for the extensive 3d rendering services!

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