Top 5 tips for enhancing 3d exterior rendering

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3d rendering services have taken the place of the blueprint by offering more clarity in the images so that you do not have to wait long to perceive the actual pictures of the building structures.

Nowadays, 3d architectural rendering is like a blessing for the architects for its hundreds of benefits. One of them is that help them to provide a real-time experience of the project to their clients before commencing the original work. 3d architectural rendering services allow the architects to represent the original structure with 3d models to detect the faults meticulously and work on them beforehand. Here we come up with the best 5 tips to amp up 3d exterior rendering effectively.

  1. Determine the appropriate position of the sun
    Most of the leading 3d exterior rendering services focus on determining the right position of the sun because it plays an important role to showcase the actual look of the proposed design. It is necessary to be careful about the proper amount of light; otherwise, it will ruin the visual effects. Balance in lighting effect is essential to make your project look more real.
  2. Fix the right alignment of the sun
    Besides 3d interior rendering, it also essential to give attention to exterior rendering. Usually, the prominent exterior rendering services focus on placing the shadow in the right position as it is mostly related to the correct alignment of the sun. If you can incorporate the shadow in your images with creativity, it will not only enhance its beauty but also improve the realness of the structures.
  3. Add proper glass reflection
    Mainly the usage of glass is included in the 3d floor plan rendering. Most of the 3d interior rendering services prefer to design the buildings with glass windows. But when you add the reflection of objects in the glass to the 3d exterior rendering, it makes the design more realistic. The clouds also can be added to the images for creating a natural look of the proposed design.
  4. Include the vehicles
    Adding different vehicles like cars, bikes, cycles, etc. to the exterior rendering will enhance the beauty of the 3d architectural visualization. If it is an urban area centric project, then the presence of vehicles in the images will definitely make them more attractive. Experts always give importance to the detailing like the license plate of the cars so that the photos become more impressive and true-to-life as well. You can also place some human figures inside the vehicles for a substantial impact on the clients.
  5. Attach green vegetation
    Using the vegetation in your design will ensure a realistic feeling when the clients take a 360 virtual tour. You need to add the trees and plants with an accurate dimension for a natural view. However, repeating plants with the same size and shapes can be monotonous. So, choose the structure carefully.

The Bottomline

Along with 3d floorplan design, 3d exterior is also equally important to have a real-life experience of your desired project. So, follow these tips to make your exterior rendering more attractive. You can even contact a professional company like Greenlawn3D that proffers the best 3D exterior rendering services ever.

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